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The Benefits of Cloud Based Telephony for Businesses

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Delivering telephony within a business has traditionally required the purchase and installation of an on-site telephone system. As well as a capital cost, an on-site telephone system also attracts on-going maintenance and upgrade charges. Most commonly, they also require separate ISDN phone lines adding further operation cost to delivering telephony.

On-site systems can also lack flexibility, such as the ability to be easily expanded, to facilitate home or remote working or to adapt to changing business needs. In the event of an incident or loss of connectivity, a site-based phone system can also leave a business without essential communications.

For multi-sited organisations, having a phone system on each and every site can not only be very expensive, it can also prove to be difficult to manage and maintain. Making administrative changes and ensuring availability across many sites can put a real burden on businesses and increase operational costs.

Hosted, managed IP telephony (Cloud Telephony) offered by Euro Systems delivers all of the functionality of an enterprise telephone system without the need for any on-site server infrastructure. Instead, the service is delivered from high-availability carrier platforms hosted across multiple UK-based data centres. Using voice over IP, the service is delivered via the network, and with PSTN connectivity included there is no need for separate ISDN lines.

With no on-premises PBX hardware required and the ability to rent handsets, the large capital up-front cost of traditional on-site systems is avoided. Our Cloud Telephony service also offers efficient and predictable per user per month pricing, inclusive of hardware and software maintenance.

Our Cloud Telephony service provides businesses with a robust and scalable managed voice service that can deliver a broad range of functionality across your organisation. Users can communicate using desktop IP phones or softphones, enabling the full functionality of the service from their laptop. Smartphone and tablet PC applications also give users access to our IP telephony service from a company provided or even personal device, easily facilitating remote and home-working, helping improve productivity and business continuity.

An intuitive web administration portal empowers your IT staff to make moves, adds and changes in real time from any location. This helps increase your business’s agility and ability to react to changing requirements. Designed and engineered for enterprise, our Cloud Telephony service is delivered with a 99.99% availability SLA and 24/7/365 support as standard. Inclusive platform maintenance and software upgrades ensure no hidden charges and protect your organisation against the risk of obsolescence.

Key benefits of Hosted IP Telephony

  • Significantly lower capital outlay than with a traditional PBX
  • Predictable per user per month charging model with handset rental option
  • Flexible functionality – simple telephone system through to advanced communications and mobility
  • Reduced costs, with no separate ISDN lines needed
  • Improved business continuity with no single site dependency
  • Mobilise your workforce and increase productivity
  • Fully managed infrastructure with intuitive customer admin portal
  • Ability to integrate with a wide range of 3rd party CRM applications and business systems

Key features

  • Range of simple user feature packs for different user roles
  • Support for Polycom VVX range of IP phones
  • Support for desktop PC, laptop, tablet PC and smartphones (using soft client / app)
  • Enjoy high-definition audio quality on calls within your organisation
  • Work from almost any location
  • Home-worker solutions
  • Integrate other PBXs alongside the service
  • Delivered via managed ES WAN service or Internet
  • Call centre bolt-on

Supporting your journey to the cloud

At Euro Systems, we understand that it is difficult to make the jump wholesale into the Cloud in one go. Our telephony services can integrate with your current telephone system as part of your migration to Cloud Telephony, or as a hybrid solution, enabling you to maximise your current asset investments. Whatever stage you are at on your Cloud journey, we can support you.

Ready to make the switch to Cloud Telephony?

Get in touch a free consultation. Our team will be happy to discuss your business needs and determine how we can help.

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