Cloud Solutions

A wide range of public and private cloud hosting services

At Euro Systems, we offer a range of secure and flexible cloud hosting solutions and services. With a comprehensive range of private, public and hybrid cloud services, we deliver performance enhancing solutions for businesses of any size. Navigating the cloud can be daunting for decision makers, which is why we work closely with our customers to understand their objectives and needs. 

Helping you to find the best solution

We help our clients to find the best option and safely implement a solution.  The majority of new clients choose our flagship hybrid cloud to host their business’ servers to save them money and keep us accountable. Our private cloud provides the perfect solution for businesses that need to host applications in a highly available and scalable environment. We also help many of our customers to safely migrate to a fully cloud-based Azure environment.

Not only have we made a significant investment in our cloud platform and our Cisco powered network, but we’re extremely proud of our service delivery methodology- we enjoy taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and providing impartial, strategic advice.

Our cloud is infinitely scalable and allows us to deploy resources on demand and at short notice, as well as providing private networks between servers.

Tailor-made cloud solution to safeguard your data

Data protection is crucial for companies, and the public cloud can sometimes fall short. Euro Systems' private cloud solution can be tailored to your business' needs and resources. Get in touch to find out more about our cloud solutions and how we can help your business to achieve the right levels of data security.

Eddie Robertson

Managing Director

As the MD of Euro Systems, Eddie is responsible for the overall strategic direction, profitability and management of the company. Eddie is passionate about our clients and is committed to our purpose to make their lives’ easier.

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