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Effective, reliable IT systems are crucial to your business success in Glasgow, but it’s the ongoing support relationship that determines whether your IT infrastructure feels like a valuable asset or a necessary evil.

Our motto is simple – Technology spoken in your language.

Our key focus is to be transparent in everything we do and to empower you to maximise the value from your IT infrastructure.

What makes us unique?

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Unlimited IT Support

  • Direct line to dedicated support team.
  • Virtual IT managers ensure in-depth knowledge of your environment
  • Extensive skills across our team
  • 87% first time fix
  • Transparency – real-time stats on our site
  • Proactive monitoring of your systems

Outsourced IT Support in Glasgow

Managed IT for End Users is designed for businesses with little to no in-house IT resource; providing you with an outsourced IT team your staff can rely on – with cover hours and a customised SLA to suit your business’s unique requirements.

Employing an IT team can be costly and, even for those who do have their own team, their time is often largely taken up with system development, firefighting on-site issues and business specific requirements, rather than monitoring and maintaining your network.

If you don’t have an IT team, this service is invaluable. IT can be complicated and time-consuming, and getting things wrong can have serious implications for your business. Our proactive IT support takes away all the worry of network maintenance and offers help whenever you need it.
Where you have an existing team, our Managed IT Support Glasgow can run in tandem with them to complement their work and to assist when your staff are on holiday or absent from work.

Outsourcing this function can be a major cost saving, as well as offering peace of mind that your entire infrastructure is constantly monitored, kept up to date and a whole remote network support team is available whenever you need it.
With our Managed IT Services our team will be preventing issues and contacting you to advise if we need an engineering visit to resolve it. All of this happens before you even knew there was an issue.

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An Additional IT Resource to Existing Teams

Managed IT for IT Teams is designed to complement an existing in-house IT function, providing high level infrastructure management and support.

Managing an internal business IT support function can be difficult. Your main focus needs to be on the direction of the business and keeping it profitable, now more than ever.

Euro Systems is an experienced IT service provider with the knowledge, expertise and skill set needed to keep your business operating efficiently.

The benefits of outsourcing IT are simple – experts who are permanently on-site and dedicated to your business ensuring that your systems are up and running, monitored and maintained. We’re there to provide IT support whenever you need it.

What’s more, your dedicated on-site team is backed by our experienced Euro Systems network, infrastructure and application consultants to give you constant peace of mind.

More Time on Business Management

As a Euro Systems client, there won’t be headaches arising from technology. We’re there to keep things running smoothly, letting your management team focus on business management instead of technology hurdles.

Our IT Support Glasgow lets you bypass worrying about computer glitches, software hang-ups, slow speed affecting customer support lines and any number of issues that can easily take up hours of downtime any day, often when you least expect it.

Our proactive monitoring of your network infrastructure identifies potential problems before they arise, letting our IT engineers get to work solving issues before users even know there was a problem.

Our IT support services work seamlessly in the background with one focus – maximising system uptime.

Transforming Technology from an Expenditure to a Company Asset

Every business in Glasgow relies on technology for business objectives. Some more heavily than others. Without efficient maintenance, downtime happens. Achieving maximum uptime of all hardware and software is best done by being proactive. That’s why we have systems in place for our clients as our team of IT support technicians can identify potential hang-ups and put solutions in place to keep networks operational.

Advancing Your Companies Technological Integrity

Data breaches can ruin customer and employee confidence in any business affected by a systems breach. With Euro Systems support, we not only maintain and improve technology on the front-line of your business, but additionally improve back-end security protocols enhancing the security of your businesses network infrastructure.

We ensure all your confidential files remain confidential and any lost digital files are easily recovered through a backup solution that’s either local or cloud-based.

IT Support that’s More Than an Insurance Policy

IT Support Glasgow from Euro Systems goes beyond fixing things that break. Support is perceived to be needed when things go wrong. That’s wrong. Prevention is key to getting the most from all hardware and software across a business network.

In addition to our IT support, we can assist our clients with their overall IT strategy, enabling businesses to use technology that’s already in place to its full potential. Overall, we not only maintain secure network infrastructures, but we go beyond that to make sure our clients are getting the most from their existing infrastructure. That’s how we can get our clients a faster ROI.

Partner with IT Partners with More Partners

Euro Systems only work with a small number of trusted third-party partners, each contributing towards us providing an enhanced level of service to all our clients. We’ve spent years building our small network of IT partners and have priority access to each of them – a contributing factor to our 87% first time fix rate.

We are trusted by over 300 businesses servicing 5,000 end users with straight talking advice and top-notch IT support.

We’re also among the fastest growing IT services company and are now fully equipped to deliver our client-focused IT support to Glasgow businesses.

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Eddie Robertson

Managing Director

As the MD of Euro Systems, Eddie is responsible for the overall strategic direction, profitability and management of the company. Eddie is passionate about our clients and is committed to our purpose to make their lives’ easier.

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