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To enable business growth in any size of business, it’s IT Support Aberdeen – based businesses need, both in the City and Aberdeenshire as a whole. To be competitive in any business, be it a small sandwich store on the high street or a digital focused business operating from the up and coming Digital Hub at Schoolhill… the right technology and support is mission critical!

At Euro Systems, we have a simple motto. That’s to speak in a language everyone understands. Avoiding confusion by using technological jargon business owners don’t understand. We operate with full transparency and aim to help all business owners get the most out of technology to increase profits, grow their business and do so knowing everything they do is fully secure, compliant and with full control of their internal network infrastructure – knowing every part of what’s happening and why.

We can describe how we work in one word: Transparency.

The Unlimited IT Support Services for Aberdeen businesses

  • A helpdesk manned by plain-talking engineers. Not call loggers
  • Virtual IT managers who’ll familiarise themselves with your network infrastructure
  • A library of IT skills across our team
  • When problems are identified, 87% of the time, we fix it first time
  • Real-time stats available by logging into our secure portal
  • The proactive monitoring of all your systems.

Additonal IT Resource

Managed IT for IT Teams is designed to complement an existing in-house IT function, providing high level infrastructure management and support.

Managing an internal business IT support function can be difficult. Your main focus needs to be on the direction of your business and keeping it profitable, now more than ever.

Euro Systems is an experienced IT service provider with the knowledge, expertise and skill set needed to keep your business operating efficiently.

The benefits of outsourcing IT are simple – experts who are permanently on-site and dedicated to your business ensuring that your systems are up and running, monitored and maintained. We’re there to provide IT support whenever you need it.

What’s more, your dedicated on-site team is backed by experienced Euro Systems network, infrastructure and application consultants to give you constant peace of mind.

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Outsourced IT Fully Managed or Complimentary

Systems management is costly for all businesses. Even more so when things go wrong. One the most expensive ways to operate is without IT staff as that’s just waiting for something to go wrong, then bring in people to put the fire out. That’s expensive both in upfront costs and in lost business time.

Business continuity is key to success. For businesses without the in-house IT staff to support business continuity with system uptime, our outsourced IT service will be indispensable. We can provide businesses with a team of IT professionals covering whatever hours your business requires under a SLA that meets your needs and within budget.

Outsourcing IT brings cost-savings by getting more out of existing technology and minimising system downtime. When your business is backed by the support of Euro Systems, you have the assurance that your entire network is constantly monitored, servers updated, security heightened, back-ups handled, and an entire remote network support team on-hand monitoring and resolving issues before end users are affected.

Expand Your Existing IT Team

For businesses with Aberdeen IT support on-site, our expertise will prove invaluable. On many occasions, we have identified a potential problem, fixed the issue, then called our client to discover they weren’t even aware there was an issue.

All too often, IT teams are dealing with the mundane system logs, updating servers, troubleshooting issues causing system lag and assisting end users to use various applications.

There’s no doubt, managing internal IT systems is a diverse challenge, even for the most experienced IT professionals. A collective skill set is much better than a few IT specialists.

As a full-service IT outsourcing provider, we can have a team of IT pros on-site dedicated to your business with the backup support of our remote network team, the Euro Systems Network, and application consultants as well as a knowledgeable expert on your company’s network infrastructure.

With us, we go out our way to make sure that when you need IT support, we are there.

Manage Your Business Instead of Scratching Your Head

Wouldn’t it be nice to get through a day without puzzling over computer problems? Or, sitting around tapping your fingers while you wait for an application to load?

Computer glitches are frustrating, but more than that, they’re a costly bottleneck. Teams of IT pros can spend days fixing bugs in systems once the issue’s known. By that time, productivity takes a hit.

The only way to minimize downtime is to proactively monitor all aspects of a network, spot the issues and put fixes in places instead of patches to get the network back up and operational.

Outsourcing IT to Euro Systems ensures your network infrastructure remains operational at its full speed.

Turning Expenses into Company Assets

When you invest in technology, it should never be just an expense on your accounts. All tech investments (when done right) should be delivering value to your business by either increasing profits directly, or enabling better performance from your staff. Either indirectly, or directly, technology should be assisting your business to grow financially.

That can only happen when updates are rolled out frequently, any glitches identified and fixed and end users know how to use technical applications to the full potential.

In addition to our IT support Aberdeen services, our plain talking training on various technical apps help users get more out of the software they’re already using.

Enhance Your Brands Technical Integrity

We know the importance of compliance, and the bigger risk of data breaches every business is challenged with. Our expertise in cyber security, data backups, and compliance will help your business lock down your network with our top-notch systems security and backup services, which can be local or cloud based depending on your business requirements.

Rest-assured, with Euro Systems, your network will have the highest level of security, protecting your brands integrity and preventing a loss of consumer trust resulting from data breaches.

Beyond the Technical Side of IT Support

Our IT support Aberdeen focuses on preventing problems occurring, not just fixing the problems once they arise, although we do if that happens. Our service is not a fail-safe option for when things go wrong. We’re here to stop things going wrong in the first place. It’s the only way to ensure your entire network remains functional.

We use our expertise in IT systems to enable business owners to get the most of technology. For businesses experiencing technical problems, whether it’s connectivity related or other hardware related issue, we can assist in identifying and rectifying any IT problem within your network.

With our ongoing IT support, we put the power back into your hands to manage your business effectively and efficiently with the right technology that’s up to the job you need it to do to meet your objectives and drive your business forward.

Why Trust Your Companies IT Needs to Euro Systems?

When you partner with Euro Systems, you’re partnering your business with experts in all aspects of IT systems including having applications consultants and network infrastructure specialists on hand to assist your business.

We are among the fastest growing full-service IT providers, which at the time of writing, are successfully driving 200 businesses forward with a high level of IT support assisting over 5,000 end users. Much of the time, end users aren’t affected by problems as our monitoring service identifies issues before they affect employees.

In addition to our support, we have a handful of specialists in various areas of IT we partner with, providing us with the backups we need to ensure your businesses network is fully supported, which is why we know we’re in a strong position to maintain your network, ensuring it’s fully operational, up to date and serves your business with maximum uptime.

Why IT Support Matters to Aberdeen Businesses

Restaurants and hotels were hit hard when the oil industry slumped. In 2017-2018, while every other city in Scotland grew, Aberdeen lost 210 registered businesses. When turnover falls, cost savings must be made. The right IT support and technical solutions can help lower overheads while increasing operational proficiency.

The Granite City is far from a one-industry town. On the contrary as there’s many unique businesses across the area. Every one of those businesses is reliant on technology to serve the needs of customers and manage supply chains. The one common denominator across all sectors is that technology is a requirement, not a choice.

Our expertise in IT systems from small scale to enterprise level operations can help your business succeed locally, nationally and globally.

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Eddie Robertson

Managing Director

As the MD of Euro Systems, Eddie is responsible for the overall strategic direction, profitability and management of the company. Eddie is passionate about our clients and is committed to our purpose to make their lives’ easier.

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