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Business Telecom Services 

Hosted Voice

Hosted IP telephony from Euro Systems allows you access to a feature-rich, high-end telephone system in the cloud, that is always being developed and up to date without the capital investment typically required of an on-premise system.

Telephones can be provisioned virtually anywhere and can be delivered as either a managed service or to work in conjunction with your in-house IT resource.

You can also benefit from some of the most competitive UK and international call rates available, leading to even further cost savings.

Standard features include:

  • Fully Inclusive Call Costs
  • Flexible & Mobile Working
  • Disaster Recovery Ready
  • Call Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • External DDI per extension
  • Call Forwarding & Divert
  • Hold / Transfer / Pick-Up
  • Ready to Grow

Business Telecom Services

What is Hosted Telephony?

ISDN will soon cease to exist, and one of its successors is Hosted Telephony, also known as Hosted VoIP. Hosted Telephony is the next generation business phone system; it is delivered over the Internet, and it sits in a network data centre (the cloud) rather than using hardware at a company’s premises. As a complete communications service, hosted telephony provides a range of both fixed and mobile phone capabilities through a web-portal.

At Euro Systems, we work with the best providers and the latest hosted telephony solutions. Unified communications with hosted telephony allow users to make calls through their data connection to a network, to be routed to the normal phone network and mobile devices.

Hosted telephony is cost-effective, as it removes the need to maintain and upgrade a PBX on site. The system is managed by users via a web interface or mobile app with a dashboard, for more personalised settings and convenient access to information, including call history, voicemail and recorded calls. 

Business IT Support

Why host your PBX?

Built-in disaster recovery
as standard

Enables flexible and remote working

Desktop and
mobile friendly

Save money – No PBX maintenance costs

Free upgrades and
new features

Implement changes
from anywhere

Free calls between offices
and to local UK numbers

Business Telecom 



    Low cost internet access for non critical services & businesses non relliant on connectivity.

  • EFM

    Reliable internet, delivered over copper with speeds up to 40Mb. Features a full SLA.

  • Leased Line

    Reliable High Speed, speeds from 100Mb to 10Gb. Delivered over fibre and full SLA.

  • MPLS/P2P

    Aimed at multi-site customers. Find out more about our fully managed point to point and Managed VPN solution.

Leased Line

We would advise a business to choose Leased Line Ethernet as their primary internet connectivity when your main priority is reliability and you need your online materials to be available constantly. 

Ethernet is a business class product with a full SLA, the best gauge of an SLA is when the cost of lost connectivity is much greater than the price of the line itself. Ethernet connections are generally employed as business solutions by organisations that rely on their internet.

MPLS Network

MPLS is short for Multi-Protocol Label Switching, and it is a private connection service to link data centres and branch offices. MPLS serves for routing telecoms traffic within a network, which includes applications like VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and Quality of Service (QoS).

Our MPLS IP VPN solution provides your business with a fully managed and secure wide area network, which guarantees network performance. Business sites can be connected using different methods of connectivity, such as ADSL, EFM or Fibre. Benefit from a secure, single internet break out point where a central security policy can be enforced, quality of service (QoS), and reduced complexity.