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Winners of the 2020 Techie Award for Automation

automation award
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Kaseya announced the winners of the Techie Awards 2020 at the Connect IT Europe virtual conference, on October 22nd. Among the winners was our company, Euro Systems, crowned as the winner of ‘The Automation’ Award.

The Techie Awards are designed to honour excellence in the IT sector. They recognise MSPs for their achievements and dedication to providing exceptional IT services to their customers.

We are proud to have taken part in the event this year, and to be amongst the winners of the Techie Awards 2020!

Techie Award


Honouring achievements in the IT Sector


Kaseya hosted the Techie Awards as part of Connect IT Europe. This annual event gathers thousands of leading IT professionals and business owners to discuss the landscape of IT and its impact on business.

As part of the event, the awards take the spotlight to recognise customer excellence and innovation in the use of Kaseya products by MSP and IT teams.

Specifically, The Automation Award goes to the company that best leverages automation or specific technical processes to enhance the experience of end users.

As a managed IT service provider, we at Euro Systems are fully committed to customer satisfaction, and we thrive to innovate in everything we do. 

That’s why we are thrilled to have won the Automation award! It’s a recognition of our continuous efforts to leverage automation and enhance the experience of the end users we serve.

It has been a pleasure to be amongst other thriving MSPs and IT teams who are delivering excellent customer service and innovating in their technical solutions.

Also, we would like to extend our congratulations to all other finalists and winners. Well done! 

Kaseya Certified Administrator 

Moreover, during Connect IT Europe, our technical
engineers had the opportunity to take the Kaseya certification programme. So, we can now proudly display our Kaseya Certified Administrator badge!

Allan, a member of our technical team, is now officially our ‘KCA Graduate’. He attended the comprehensive 2-day training programme and completed the test to gain this valued certification.

The course covered lessons about the underlying framework for proper monitoring and management of endpoints. 

Further, the certification programme is a great opportunity to optimise IT administration tools to be
more effective.

Well done team!

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