Case Study: Rock Trust

A smooth transition to the cloud during lockdown

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the guidelines put in place by the government brought unprecedented challenges for everyone, but it did not mean we could not complete a seamless migration to a fully cloud-based environment for our client, Rock Trust.

Client: Rock Trust, an organisation with a mission to end homelessness in Scotland,  


Rock Trust had tasked Euro Systems with managing and supporting a migration to the Microsoft Cloud Platform, after revising their IT strategy and deciding this was the best way forward. Euro Systems were committed to completing a successful migration with minimum disruption to the client’s operations, despite the challenges of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic meant tighter timescales, issues with stock availability and unprecedented difficulties due to national lockdown measures being applied.


Euro Systems migrated the client from a 3rd party hosted desktop environment to an AzureAD and Office 365 environment. AzureAD, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint were supplied. In order to safeguard the client’s network, Euro Systems also supplied and installed Cloud Managed Sophos UTM as firewall protection. Euro Systems also installed Cloud Managed Access points to provide Wifi connection throughout the client’s premises.

Training was provided for Rock Trust teams on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive across a number of sessions – 2 days on-site prior to working from home commenced for Rock Trust, and further 5 training sessions carried out remotely via MS Teams web meeting facility.

Support was provided for teething issues following completion of the project. Euro Systems will continue to assist the team as appropriate, to ensure Rock Trust are properly supported from a technical standpoint.


Results: An enhanced environment for remote working

Despite the challenges brought by the Coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown measures, Euro Systems managed to complete a seamless migration and ensured Rock Trust’s smooth transition to home working within a Cloud hosted environment.

The newly installed Microsoft Teams offers the business constant availability and communication, enabling staff to improve productivity in the current imposed conditions of remote working. MS teams also allows for easy access to data straight from software on their local computers, as opposed to having to go through a remote service. OneDrive is used to allow storage of all users’ personal files within the cloud, as opposed to storage on personal desktops.

Rock Trust were able to re-structure and re-permission all data in the process of migrating to SharePoint, which application allows better access to their data, including mobile access, which the client did not have prior to the project.

With SharePoint and MS Teams, the staff at Rock Trust are supported with complete remote access to data and the ability to communicate from any device. 

Key benefits of migrating to the cloud

  • Empowering users with controlled access to local resources.
  • Flexible & mobile access
  • Remote access to all data and servers for employees working from home, from different devices
  • Centralised collaboration
  • Employees fully trained and able to collaborate better while working from home
  • Automatic software updates
  • Ongoing IT support from our specialised team
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