Case Study: Burgoyne Carey

IT upgrades for improved productivity and security

Client: Glasgow- based accountancy firm, Burgoyne and Carey

Solution provided: HP Server and full infrastructure tailored to the IT needs of the client


Glasgow based accountancy firm Burgoyne & Carey were unhappy with their existing IT infrastructure: working with an unresponsive, dated server and slow running PCs, productivity for the team was lower than expected due mainly to the time consumed by their technology to meet the demands of their  workforce. In addition to issues with their equipment within the office, Burgoyne & Carey were unable to provide full remote access for staff to work from home, or on client premises, and where access was available its limits meant that potential benefits were far out weighed by the system’s parameters. Due to an unacceptable level of spam, the company were also experiencing issues with their email system.


In order to identify these challenges and the best way to approach them, Euro Systems carried out a full site survey at Burgoyne & Carey’s offices. Through this survey, Euro Systems were able to determine what the issues were with speed, and note key business applications requiring to be replaced in order to improve general functionality. Following the survey, Euro Systems installed both a new server and new PCs for the company, and migrated all existing data to ensure that there were no issues with accessing client files following the process. Full remote access was also configured to allow the team to access the system externally – meaning that confidential files could only be accessed through a secure connection, and at no point did files have to leave the offices, potentially risking client and firm security.

Euro Systems resolved the company’s email issues by introducing a hosted spam filtering service which instantly detected spam while also reducing load on the new server.


Working closely with the team, Euro Systems ensured a seamless installation of the equipment and migration of data, which caused no disturbance to the day to day running of the company. 

The firm were delighted to have a more productive office technology environment to work with, and ongoing technical support from the team at Euro Systems means that any issues that may arise in the future can be dealt with immediately. 

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