Euro Systems is the smart alternative IT provider for mid-sized businesses.

Our philosophy is to deliver our clients smart, flexible, and value-driven IT solutions by combining our enterprise quality infrastructure and processes with our small business personalised service and responsiveness.

This philosophy means that we always start by understanding your needs and customise a technical solution to specifically meet those needs. We’re not focussed on technology; we’re focused on you.

We are one of the fastest growing and most successful IT service providers, delivering our end-to-end business support solutions to over 5,000 end users and over 200 businesses.

Our Team

It is our people who drive our organisation and your IT. It is the insight, understanding and expertise of our people that make us a great IT partner, so let us introduce some of the key people behind us…

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Eddie Robertson

Managing Director

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James Glancy

Head of Service

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William Cunningham

Head of Sales

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Robert Paterson

Project Delivery Consultant

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Stephen Smith

Project Delivery Consultant

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Allan Carson

Onboarding Specialist

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Ian Schivas

Senior Field Engineer

Straight Talking

We aim to be honest, open and upfront – ALWAYS. Whether this is with our customers or amongst ourselves. Whether it’s good or bad news, we believe that feedback and praise is the key to improvement.

Our senior management team adopts a real hands-on approach and get involved in every aspect of the business, from customer service to gaining new business, helping close the gap between management and employees.

All in all this creates a relaxed working environment where people feel valued and equal.

Flexible Thinking

The business needs of our customers are continually changing – as do we. We look for individuals who are flexible and accommodating in their approach to their work, who can use innovative ideas to move the business forward and who is continually searching for ways to improve.

This helps keep us one step ahead of the competition.

Can do Attitude

“Where there’s a will there’s a way” – we stand by this approach in all aspects of our business. We promote the philosophy where all our employees live by this value of striving to succeed, rising to the challenge and being committed to doing their best. Our people are encouraged to take on more responsibilities and build their careers.

Having the right attitude is the key to success at Euro Systems, no matter what your skills are, if you have the ambition we can help you get there!

Customer Satisfaction

We work with many businesses and charitable organisations in many different sectors. Our clients range from new start-ups to between 20 and 200 users. For our clients, IT is business critical, and they need a trusted partner.

Reliable IT Support and maintenance is the top of their IT agenda.

For us, feedback is key, so we carry out realtime surveys, of which we display the results, live, on our website, for everyone to see.


Many IT providers partner with so many companies it makes you wonder how many of them are true relationships. We are different. We work with a small number of partners. These are IT partners that we have chosen because we like their products, service but most importantly, we like working in partnership with them to help us deliver a better level of support to you.

This means that we have the true backing and support of our partners and priority access to their technical support team. Overall all, this comes together to provide you with the best service.


We are constantly looking to expand our team and would love to hear from you if you share our Core Values. In return, we will provide you with the necessary training, positive working environment, rewarding salary.

Current Vacancies